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Education Support

Here, we value diversity and an inclusive educational environment for all, thereby furthering the path to academic success for LGBTQIA+ students.

Our mission is to develop strategies together with educational institutions that ensure that every LGBTQIA+ student has equal access to education, emotional support and guidance to reach their full potential.

Together, we build a bright future for our students!

Workshops for Educators

Empower yourself to promote an inclusive and welcoming educational environment at your school. Learn about diversity, awareness and respect by creating safe spaces for all students.

Together, we will build a more egalitarian and empathetic education!

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Clarification Sessions

We will discover the importance of diversity, respect and acceptance. Together, let's promote an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed and respected.

Let's build a more equal and empathetic future for everyone!

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Excellence Award

This award will celebrate the effort and dedication of exemplary students. We will recognize the constant pursuit of knowledge and determination to achieve academic success. 

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Our Scholarship will be a unique opportunity for talented students to realize their academic potential.

With financial support and incentives, we will seek to promote access to education and boost successful trajectories.

We will invest in your future!

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