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Amigos coloridos

Sharing Groups

These Sharing Groups for LGBTQIA+ people are welcoming spaces where individuals find support, understanding and connection. In these safe environments, they share experiences, aspirations and victories, building meaningful ties. Mutual empathy strengthens the community, allowing each member to feel accepted and loved in their diversity. Through this union, we challenge stigmas and fight for equality, promoting a more inclusive and fair world for all. Together, we celebrate individuality and the importance of being authentic.

Sharing Groups for LGBTQIA+ People

This is a safe and welcoming space to share experiences, receive peer-to-peer emotional support, and build meaningful connections. Here, we celebrate diversity and promote the well-being of all.

Join us for a united and empowered community!

Image by James Baldwin

Sharing Groups for families of LGBTQIA+ people

We provide the importance of diversity, respect and acceptance. Together, let's create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed and respected.

Let's build a more equal and empathetic future for everyone!

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